Learn With Love Childcare

At Learn With Love Childcare, we are dedicated to providing a stimulating and safe environment for children aged three months to 5 years old. With a background as a former before and after care teacher, special education elementary school partner teacher, and nanny, Jachell brings a wealth of experience to our program.

We believe that every child deserves the best quality care, which is why Learn With Love childcare strives to be a fun and affordable alternative daycare option. Jachell's utmost priority is to create a nurturing and loving atmosphere where children can flourish.

As the provider, her focus is on assisting each child in their individual growth journey. Jachell aim's to help them become confident and secure in who they are, laying the building blocks for their future selves.

Join us at Learn With Love Childcare, where we prioritize your child’s happiness and development. Together, we will create a safe and supportive space for your little ones to learn and thrive.

About Us

Our Philosophy

Learn with Love Child Care believes that this will be a place where your child will love to learn. This is achieved by providing the children with a foundation of developmentally appropriate learning experiences. These experiences promotes the child to gain more skills in their cognitive, language, social- emotional health and physical motor developmental domains with respect to the individual, family and culture.

The preschool ages will follow a curriculum that incorporates weekly topics that stems from the monthly theme. Children have individual learning styles, so theme teaching allows them access to the topic in ways that best suits them. By relating activities through themes, children’s overall knowledge and skills from one experience to the next is facilitated.

Why Learn with Love Childcare you ask.....


Children will go outside 2 times a day (weather permitting). To strengthen their development and growth they will explore Art, Music, Large Motor, Reading, Dramatic Play, Math and Science activities.


CPR, First Aid, Developmental Screening, Supporting Breastfeeding, Emergency Preparedness, Including All Children and the Americans with Disabilities, Medication Administration, Covid 19 training, Child Growth and Development 45hr, Preschool Curriculum and Activities 45hr, Basic Health and Safety and Bachelor of Science Degree in Management.

Small Childcare Size

We are Licensed for 7 children. Our small child care size ensures that your child will be in given individual attention throughout the day.

Infant Care 

Certified in SIDS and Supporting Breastfeeding in Child care. There will be no more than 2 infants in the providers care. Each infant will have their own bedding and high chair that will be used by them solely.

Safety First

Certified in First Aid, CPR, Emergency Preparedness and Medication Administration. Monthly emergency and fire drills will be conducted. Being Licensed ensures that we have met Maryland State Department of Education standards to care for children.

Meet Our Licensed Provider

Meet Jachell Stokes, the licensed provider and heart behind Learn with Love Child Care. In 2010, she was proud to earn her Bachelors degree in Business Management, but little did she know her true calling lay elsewhere.

Jachell's journey started as a Before and Aftercare Teacher at an Elementary School in Anne Arundel County in 2011. Not long after, she found herself transitioning to DC Public Schools where her roles were many. She served as a Partner Teacher, Substitute Teacher, Business Manager, and even lent her support to children with Autism during the summer months.

During her tenure at DCPS, life took an unexpected turn when her brother and his wife welcomed their child much earlier than anticipated. The unease they felt in finding trusted care for her new nephew tugged at something deep within.

Jachell had finally earned a position that allowed her to utilize her Business Management degree fully as a schools business manager. However, the joy of being around children was simply undeniable. So, prompted by love and instinct, she resigned from that position to provide the best care possible for her nephew–thus embarking on an exciting venture into Nanny Share.

For two and a half years, she served as a nanny until those precious children grew up into school age. That enriching experience ignited a passion within; it was clear this was not just what she wanted to do but what she was meant to do.

From that moment on, Jachell decided to dedicate herself wholly to giving parents absolute peace of mind while infusing every moment their children spend at Learn with Love Child Care with warmth, affectionate learning experiences.

Our most asked questions...

What time do you open and close?

The hours of operation are Monday - Friday 6:30am to 5pm.

Do you provide meals?

Yes.  Breakfast, lunch and snack will be provided. All meals are nutritious and aligned with the USDA standards for each age group.

What is the difference between a licensed and unlicensed provider?

To sum it up: In order to be licensed in the state of Maryland you and the people in your home (18+) must have completed a background check & fingerprints. The Fire Marshall has to come in and approve of your emergency exits, fire extinguisher & fire alarms. You have to have completed a number of trainings, have insurance, put in an application with the state to then be assigned a licensing specialist. The licensing specialist will come out look at your first aide kit, your home (ensuring that it is safe), make sure that you have enough supplies, toys and bedding for the amount of children that you plan on keeping & check all your paperwork including certifications. When you are licensed you also get a yearly unexpected pop up from the specialist to ensure that you remain in compliance with the Maryland State Guidelines. You have to apply for continuing registration every 2 years updating all paperwork, having the fire Marshall revisit and completing continued trainings.

Those who are not licensed has not done any of the things above.

Do you have a curriculum?

We use the Playing Preschool curriculum. We combine topics and activities in this curriculum with a Montessori approach. We also taken into account the different interests of the children and build activities around that as well.

What are some benefits of a in home daycare setting?

*Lower child-to-caregiver ratio. We offer a smaller, more intimate setting where your child can receive personalized attention and care. 

*Children can develop a closer relationship which is beneficial for their emotional well-being. 

*Children will not have to make an adjustment moving from class to class as they get older, which provides a sense of comfort and security. 

*Cost is lower than facilities because our overhead cost is on a lower scale, allowing providers to be more affordable. 

*You usually only communicate with your child's teacher on a daily basis when attending a facility. Your in-home child care provider is the Owner, Director, Teacher, Chef, Secretary, Nurse and Janitor. We will be able to answer your questions without having to reroute you to a person who may have the answers.

*There is flexibility to tailor the children's activities and learning experience to meet their individual needs and interests. We can focus on activities that align with your child's developmental stage and provide personalized attention to their educational growth.

*Individualized nurturing and support will be given based on your child's unique personality and needs.

*Your Provider is the one caring for your child (unless they have substitutes). At facilities a teacher can be there today and gone tomorrow. Children have to have security and predictability in their surroundings. Teachers in facilities may love the children but not some aspects of the management or facility. They can easily take their certificates and onboard elsewhere. Leaving your child to learn a new person and having some sort of changes to their daycare routines.

Do you take vouchers?

We have not had anyone use vouchers as of yet however, we are open to discuss this as an option at the interview.

Will I be informed about what my child is doing throughout the day?

An app called Brightwheel is used. You will be invited to the App once you enroll with us. This app shows you what the child will be doing throughout the day ex. eating, activities, bathroom or diaper changes. You will also be able to receive pictures, newsletters and messages. 

Do you accept children that go to school as a before and/or after care option?

Yes we do. Please call or email with your specific needs so that we can discuss further. 

What Parents Think

"Exceptional Care"

Jachell provided our family with the best possible environment for our two children until they were old enough for preschool.  Our son started with Jachell when he was just about to turn one after having been born premature and being pretty sick for his first year of life.  Our daughter started with Jachell healthily at 3 months.  Leaving your children for the first time is never easy, and we had two very different experiences as you can see, however in both instances, we were so extremely comforted in the place where we were bringing our children.  Jachell took both their individual needs and ours as parents and went above and beyond to provide them exceptional care and education while they were with her.  Any child would be SO LUCKY to be able to spend their time away from their family with Jachell and in turn every parent or caregiver would be SO FORTUNATE to have Jachell caring for and educating their child.

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Jamie Bell

"Ideal Caregiver"

Jachell was the ideal caregiver for our late-preschool aged daughter. Intuitive, patient, and creative, Jachell fostered an environment of safety, calm, and love of self-expression and learning. She followed our every request, was communicative and prompt, and made numerous respectful suggestions that demonstrated her investment and pride in her profession. Jachell was skillful at caring for multiple children simultaneously, including children who were brand new to each other. Lastly, she helped our child with early literacy skills through an emphasis on reading, singing, and learning-through-their-everyday environment. We strongly recommend her for anyone seeking an outstanding caregiver for your child!

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Sarah Raskin

"Montessori Mindset"

Ms. Jachell is one of a kind! Her attention to details and focus on the enrichment of young minds are unmatched. Ms. Jachell’s Montessori mindset and structure of “learn through play” has truly made me a believer that this is the best method to ready my toddler for kindergarten. I have no doubt that my child will be well prepared when it’s time for her to move on to public education. Ms. Jachell also provides open communication and keeps me updated about my children’s day; sending pictures and providing notifications of when my girls eat, sleep and play! I also love how clean Ms. Jachell keeps her center area; she sanitizes often and is COVID conscious by wearing a mask while caring for the children. My toddler’s favorite part of the day is the morning meetings where they learn through song, followed by yoga time! My children love Ms. Jachell, my toddler throws a tantrum every day she has to leave her!

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Whitney Daggett

Choose The Plan That Works Best For You!

Weekly Plan

$310 Weekly

  • 3 months - 2 years
  • Activities
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Snack for children 1+

Weekly Plan

$260 Weekly

  • 2 years - 5 years
  • Activities
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Snack for children 1+
  • Curriculum


Only available for care needed 3 or 4 days weekly

  • $80 daily for 3 months - 2 years
  • $70 daily for 2 years -5 years
  • Activities
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Snack included for children 1+
  • Curriculum for 2-5 years old

We are located near Elkridge Branch Library

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